Working Heights for School Sanitary Fittings

What is the recommended height for a school pan? How high should you install a hand dryer or soap dispenser? Questions that are often asked with little information available online, until now.

The following sanitary fitting working heights are based on guidance in the Generic Design Brief published by the Department for Education, specifically Technical Annex 2A: Sanitaryware.

Toilets and Toilet Paper Dispensers

School Toilet Pan Heights
Toilet pans should be constructed from vitreous china manufactured to British Standard 3402. Toilet paper dispensers should be ‘sheet type’ rather than rolls and be fitted with a tamper-proof lock to prevent pupil interference.

Wash Hand Basins and Soap Dispensers

School Washbasin Heights
Heights apply to either wash hand basins or wash troughs. Washbasins should be constructed from vitreous china manufactured to EN 14688-15, and soap dispensers should contain a minimum of 1000ml of liquid soap via a dosing pump.

Hand Dryers and Paper Towel Dispensers

School Hand Dryer Heights
One hand dryer per run of five WCs is required unless paper towel dispensers are identified in the specification. Electric hand dryers should have a drying time of fewer than 30 seconds with infrared, auto-off control.

The installation of urinals is not recommended in school washrooms due to privacy concerns. For this reason, urinal installation heights are excluded from the Department for Education guidance and this article.