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News - Mitsubishi Jet Towel Tax Relief

Mitsubishi Jet Towel – Tax Relief

The Jet Towel high-performance hand dryer from Mitsubishi Electric is registered for the government’s Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs), therefore will improve cash flow through accelerated tax relief.

The ECA Scheme for Energy Saving Technologies encourages businesses to invest in energy-saving plant or machinery specified on the Energy Technology List (ETL), managed by the Carbon Trust on behalf of Government. Only equipment that can prove significant energy advantages is accepted onto the scheme.

Unlike conventional hand dryers, Jet Towel uses precision jets to generate a thin laminar flow of air over the wet hands, to blow the water droplets off the fingertips with energy savings of over 70%.

Additional environmental gains are made because there is no production, distribution and disposal of paper towels.

Hand drying can be a major hidden energy cost, even for small organisations. Jet Towel offers probably the best way to control this and has many other benefits too. For instance, drying time can be as quick as 10 seconds, a quarter that of hot air dryers. It is non-contact and extremely hygienic too with its anti-microbial material.

– Fawn Litchfield (Jet Towel Executive)

The ECA scheme allows businesses to write off the whole cost of the equipment against taxable profits in the year of purchase, providing a cash flow boost and an incentive to invest in energy-saving equipment.

Visit https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/enhanced-capital-allowance-scheme-for-energy-saving-technologies for further information.

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